American Test Bakery - ATB

Revent Inc. has  created a state-of-the-art American Test Bakery at the new Revent manufacturing facilities located in Somerset, NJ. It’s just 1 hour from New York and 45 minutes from Newark International Airport. The ATB consists of a 3,300 sqf bakery, two training rooms, and a café and meeting area. At the ATB, bakeries as well as the bakery supply chains, schools and organizations within the industry can take part in:

Product testing

Try it before you buy it! Bakers depend on their ovens and we want to make sure you get the right oven for your bakery.

Compare oven types. Find out what oven type that works best for your products and your product mix. Maybe it’s a mix of ovens?
Find out what capacity you need. Test different configurations of ovens and proofers to find out what the most efficient set up is for your bakery.

Test new ingredients and processes.


Bring in your bakers, bakery managers and others for training on equipment and products. Maybe you need to provide training on new products or processes? Let our bakers help you do the training in a relaxed environment where you can focus on learning without the distraction of your production.


Baking classes

Attend baking classes arranged by Revent’s bakers, guest bakers, ingredient manufacturers or other Industry organizations.

You can also work with Revent’s bakers to set up customized baking classes for your employees.


The ATB is a fully equipped bakery with different types of Rack ovens, deck ovens, Proofers and Proofer/Retarders. There is also all the equipment needed for mixing and shaping the dough such as Spiral mixers, sheeter, divider/rounder, dough divider and a baguette molder. Revent provides the groundbreaking ONE series round ovens, the “Industry standard” 7-series rack ovens, Proofers, Freezer/Proofers and Vacuum cooling.

To schedule a visit, contact Revent USA at, or call 1-800-822-9642.    



Revent invented the rack oven back in 1958 and is today a world leading manufacturer of rotating rack ovens for baking top quality artisanal bread and
pastry. The latest innovation, The ONE series, with its round baking chamber and a sliding door, has set a new standard in the market - with even better flexibility and cost efficiency. Revent is truly a global company with 3 subsidiaries and production facilities in Sweden and in the USA. The Revent ovens are used daily by bakeries in over 100 countries. 

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